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Feb. 14th, 2013

Valentines Day. I always forget the day exists until I take a wrong turn in the grocery store and find myself facing an obnoxious display of pink and red hearts. Even after the holiday has registered in my feeble brain, I add insult to injury by saying, "Oh yeah, it's Halloween."

That makes no sense whatsoever because Valentine's candy sucks.

Dec. 11th, 2009

I have some questions for you manga-philes out there!

I found my copy of the English Language Sailor Moon # 1 by Mixx Entertaintment. It's in excellent condition. Possibly looked at once (it's that long ago that I forgot) but has been stored in one of those comic bag/cardboard backing combo dealies. Here's the kicker. It's the SDCCI 1998 Pink and Silver Foil Cover version. Super rare I guess?

Unfortunately I can't find any information about it other than a quick blurb on Amazon.
Is this eBay worthy? Or is this something I should put on Amazon at a flat price just to get it out of here?

Sailor Moon's been and always will be popular. But there are some things that people won't buy.
With eBay fees rising all the time, I'm becoming picky on what to list.

The Bulgeless Villians of Gotham City

Yesterday, Batman Arkham Asylum officially ceased being fun and has become a chore. 
But I will keep playing it until the wee hours of the morning (when it isn't so darn hot) until I am done.

(It's still incredibly hot here.  So much so that the act of sleeping has slipped off my top 5 list of favorite things to do.  Self imposed insomnia is the way to go, even if it drives you crazy.)

Aug. 26th, 2009

Lucky Charms turns the milk blue.  If I wait long enough, the color changes to grey.  I don't think this is good.

Aug. 21st, 2009

I guess today is Avatar Day? Not Nickelodeon Ang awesome cartoon made into questionable live action movie Avatar, but James Cameron mutli-billion dollar (I exaggerate) Avatar movie extravaganza day. I attended the Avatar Panel at SDCCI (yeah I know, no write up yet) and saw the fifteen minute dog and pony show. The 3D was awesome (wanted to take a pair of 3D glasses but I'm a good girl at heart) but I wasn't necessarily astounded by what I saw. I play too many video games for my own good to be bowled over what is now should be standard computer graphics.  While everything was purty, it reminded me a lot of Folklore, with all the pinks, blues, and fantasy.  Yet, it's all about story, right? I don't care how beautiful something is - if there's no story, it's not worth watching.  Unfortunately Sam Worthington's character seemed like the type of guy that you wanted to, at his best moments slap in the face, or at his worst, push off a cliff. I know his character evolves but just how much you the audience member can stand before that happens, who can say.  Everyone else was stellar though. 

As I'm still getting my head wrapped around the SDCCI write up, I'll also mention this little bit, as a warning.  I saw the Vampire Diaries pilot at SDCCI.  I am not the target demographic so no surprise here - it sucked.  That being said, the target demographic (including the people who loved the books) didn't seem to like it either.   I could feel it.  The entire audience was chomping at the bit, secretly wishing that the emo (yeah, I'm current) fest of bad acting, pasty make-up, and over simplified high school teenage stereotypes would end soon. The horrible cover song of an 80s classic didn't help either.  I think it was something from The Smiths?  Or was it Souxie?  I don't know, I'm trying to forget the whole thing. 

If you want to see a superior breed of Vampire, watch anything else.  There's a lot, that's for sure.  I'd like to recommend Being Human (on BBC/BBC America). It's not exactly Vampire-centric but they play a part in it.  Six episodes for the first series with eight for the upcoming second.  Short and sweet, but memorable.  All TV Series should be like that.

May. 4th, 2009

Darn,  I caught a cold.

Apr. 30th, 2009

I have an ad blocker installed on the PC so I've never realized how annoying my own lj page was until today.  Ugh, the ads!  They're big and disgusting - an offense to the eyes.  It's a good thing I don't use the Mac for surfing the web that often.

Oink Oink

Wolverine's coming out next week.  I'm not sure if I should watch it in the theatre or if I should start acting like the panalarmists I know and lock myself into a vault until this is all over.

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